4 Strong Reasons Why Your Laptop Overheat When Playing Hard Core Games Like Gta 5

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

Reasons Why Your Laptop Overheat When Playing Hard Core Games Like Gta 5.

Hello gamers, welcome to this creative news hub. I will be lecturing you on the reasons why your laptop overheat when playing hardcore games like GTA 5, Red dead redemption, Watchdog etc.

Reasons Why Your Laptop Overheats - creativenewshub

I have come across people complaining that they don’t enjoy playing hardcore games like GTA 5 on their laptops because of overheating. Some of them went ahead to buy any laptop they saw without checking whether or not the system can run the games. This is very funny because everything turns out to be a waste of money and frustration is added to it.

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

First of all, before thinking about buying a laptop to play games, you must check the laptop specs and the type of games you would like to run with the system.

What are the specs?

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

Specs (specification) can be simply defined as the quantity of what a product has. Laptop specs are those things built inside a laptop that determine whether it can perform a high task or a low task. Specs help us to differentiate laptops/know the better one to buy.

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

Generally, those games I mentioned above require a good and high-end system before they can work well, at least with a medium game setting.

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

Things to check when buying a laptop:

1. The processor:

As the world is evolving, technology keeps evolving, and laptop producers are also improving to fit in. There are many types of processors you can see on laptops. There are old processors (first generation); these processors cannot handle recent apps and games because they are already outdated; these types of processors are usually found in old laptops. Examples of old processors are Intel selenium, intel Pentium, intel core, intel core 2 duos, intel core 2 quads etc.

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

Before you can run hardcore games, you are advised to buy laptops with the latest processor. Examples of the latest processors are Intel core i3 (latest generation) intel core i5, intel core i7, intel core i9 and the latest AMD processors.Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

The above-mentioned processors can run your games perfectly with the high or medium game setting.
Note: trying to use a low processor (outdated processor) would cause overheating; it can hang your laptop or even damage it.

2. The RAM:

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

RAM size is very important when buying a laptop because it gives your laptop breathing space and will help you run high-end games.
Low ram can cause laptop hanging because there is not much room for your laptop to run big files; big files require lots of space to run very well. I will advise you to buy a laptop that has 6GB ram and above.

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3. Graphic cards space/Vram:

This is very important because they are responsible for displays. Some games and apps come with high graphics, so they need laptops with good graphic cards and video Rams.

Reasons Your Laptop Overheat - creativenewshub

4. window type:

Windows is not very important, but some games will tell you that the minimum window requirement is above yours; Ignore it and run your game.
However, if you have a good laptop with good specs and your laptop is overheating when playing high-end games; then there is most likely a cooling system issue. Check that the fans are working perfectly and that the vents/paths are clear and not clogged with dust.

For a better gaming experience, you are advised not to use the laptop on a soft surface like on ontop of clothes, bed sheets or pillow. Use a hard surface or a table instead. There are cooling devices you can buy for as low as $20 which are often designed to fit directly to the bottom of the machine and improve heat dissipation too.
Lastly, having enough Ram and disk space will give you a better performance.

Thanks for reading this article, drop your thoughts and questions in the comments section.
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