Check Out 7 Fast Tips To Boost The Capacity Of Your Phone Battery Life

Phone Battery

7 Fast Tips To Boost The Capacity Of Your Phone Battery Life.

Phone Battery

Smartphones are part of our everyday life. But a smartphone with a good phone battery is a good smartphone.

A lot of us cannot go an hour without checking our smartphones to see the latest update, take pictures, watch movies, play games, or entertain ourselves in general.

The era of smartphones has made a lot of things easier for us, you don’t have to turn on your television set to watch your favourite show, or a laptop to type little documents. All these are reasons why we need our smartphones to be available all the time.

But, the common problem that most people face, is running out of battery life. An average smartphone can last just 5 hours of constant usage, and some others last a lot less.

Phone Battery

In this article, we will be looking at 7 phone settings that would make your phone battery last a lot longer, so you can enjoy your smartphone, without worrying about charging it.

Let’s begin: 

1. Using Darker Wallpapers 

This may be a shock to you, but the wallpapers and themes you use can be responsible for draining your phone battery. Wallpapers with brighter colours will naturally take more battery than those with darker colours. 

Instead of using, blue, green, or red wallpapers, use brown or black, this will go a long way in helping your phone battery last longer. Also, avoid using live or moving wallpapers. 

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2. Reducing Screen Brightness

Phone Battery

Your screen is on as long as you are using your phone, therefore it takes a remarkable amount of battery. 

Turn down the brightness on the screen to as low as you can see. A bright screen takes a lot of battery life. 

3. Bluetooth, Wifi and Location

Phone Battery

These 3 gentlemen might be responsible for dragging your battery to the red bar each time you charge it. Make sure they are turned off at all times, except you are making active use of them. 

4. Turning Off Vibration 

Phone Battery

Turning off your phone’s vibration might be just what you have to do, to make your phone battery last a little longer. You can always customize it, so it works only when important notifications, like phone calls or emails, come in. 

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5. Turning Off Notifications

Phone Battery

Notifications generally are important, so we are aware the second we get an important message or update. Well, if you are comfortable with using your phone without getting notifications and gaining extra battery in turn, you can always make use of the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your smartphone. 

6. Activating Battery Saving Mode 

This is the most effective battery-saving feature I have come across. Turning battery saver on automatically:

Phone Battery

Turns off vibration, restricts applications, reduces screen brightness, and reduces phone battery usage in general.

7. Closing Apps After Usage 

Closing apps after usage will go a long way in extending your phone battery life. After you make use of an app, close it properly instead of just minimizing it. When multiple apps are running, your phone battery will drain faster.

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