Android Storage: 6 Ways to Free Up Your Android Storage Space


Have you ever ask yourself why is my Android Storage Space complaining of insufficient storage despite deleting several files?



These and many more of these questions have been asked by thousands of Smartphone users that are fed up with their phone storage every day.

Storage is the ability to retain a certain amount of files and information. Storage varies in size. The size of your store will determine the amount of load or goods that you will stalk inside it, so also is your android smartphone.

Some people might be wondering what has happened to your android device after months of purchasing it. Some will even brag that I just purchased an android device that has 64GB storage some will say I have an android device of 128GB while some will be using their 16GB or 32GB and be managing their storage.


Most of the time, it is not the storage that matters, but the ability to effectively manage the storage device. You might purchase an android device of 128GB and within few months face the issue of insufficient storage.

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A lot of files stores as the smartphone is been used. Most of these files are not useful or can be moved to alternate storage to prevent the issue of insufficient storage.

Below are ways to free up space on your android phone without having reason to format or purchase another higher storage smartphone.

1. Reduce your camera resolution

A lot of smartphone users are pictures lovers almost every smartphone user takes at least a picture every day. Most of these pictures consume a large amount of storage. Most users even make videos with their smartphones to keep special memory.

The resolution of your camera will determine the size and quality of the picture, if the pictures are not that important, reduce the quality of your camera to save a quality amount of space.

2. Clear the cache of your application

For every application that is used on your android smartphone, a sizable amount of files stores in the background which is known as a cache.

This cache over time accumulates and consumes a lot of space on the smartphone. It is therefore important to clear it from time to time.

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The cache on your android phones can be cleared by going to settings and locating the application data, then delete the cache.

3. Store your pictures and other relevant materials on Google drive

Technology has made it easy to store a large number of files in the cloud and retrieve them anytime you need them. Instead of keeping them on your smartphone, simply upload them on your Google cloud and save an amount of space on your android smartphone.

4. Remove unnecessary/unused application

Any unused application should be uninstalled to save space. Some of these unused applications not only consume a sizable amount of space but also use your mobile data in the background.

Simply uninstall them and download them when they are needed.

5. Move heavy or old files to an external storage

Some heavy files can be stored inside a memory card or moved to a laptop to create space for other relevant files on the android smartphone. While old files can also be moved to external storage.

6. Make use of your phone manager

Phone Manager is an application usually preinstalled in every smartphone to clean and delete the trash inside the android smartphone. It is therefore important to run the phone manager from time to time so as to keep your smartphone renewed.

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