How To Get 500MB Daily On Airtel For Free


How to get Airtel 500MB for free.

Using the internet is part of our everyday life, most of us cannot go a day without checking social media; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just to mention a few.

Free Airtel Cheat - CreativeNewsHub

But sometimes, a subscription can be difficult, Most people complain of using up a monthly subscription for just a week, or even less.

Well, if you are an Airtel user, this is your lucky day. I will be showing you how to get up to 500MB daily for free on Airtel.

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Read carefully, and follow the steps, you won’t miss it, don’t forget to share with friends.

Requirements to enjoying this cheat.

Any Airtel Sim; 4g or 3g

An android phone

Stark VPN Reloaded app

Strong stable network.

First of all, you will need to install the Stark VPN app; click here to download it.

Open the app, tap the top centre above the big red button.

Free Airtel Cheat - CreativeNewsHub


Tap update server (make sure you have data).

After the server is successfully updated, An Airtel Server 500MB daily, will appear, tick it.

Free Airtel Cheat - CreativeNewsHub

Whenever you exhaust your data on your Airtel Sim, enter the Stark VPN app.

Make sure the 500MB server is still ticked.

Tap the big red button, and wait for the VPN to connect.

Free Airtel Cheat - CreativeNewsHub

Free Airtel Cheat - CreativeNewsHub

In a minute, it will be connected. Minimize the app (make sure you don’t close it), and then you can go and surf the internet, just the way you like.

You would be able to use at least 450MB. Don’t worry about checking the balance, when you exhaust the 500MB, you will automatically be disconnected, and you can start over the next day.

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You are also free to turn it off and on whenever you need to, as long as you have not used up your daily limit.



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