4 Simple Ways To Boost Your System Speed

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4 Simple Ways To Boost Your System Speed.

What everyone wants when running their device, be it a mobile phone or laptop is Speed.

System Speed is what the world is running with these days. You see everyone trying to rush to their place of work, trying to boot their phone fast, trying to lunch an application on their mobile phone or laptop/System fast.

But a lot of people are limited in this operation, they tend to experience slow transmission when operating their laptop device, which leads to frustration.

Some people purchase a laptop that has larger storage and memory, but after a while, they discover that their laptop runs slower than when they bought it.

This has led several people to either sell off the laptop, take the laptop for repair in the engineer’s shop or even abandon the laptop.

Here we shall be giving you a few easy tips on how to increase your laptop’s speed.

System Speed

1. Get rid of unnecessary software

There is a large number of software lying idle on your laptop. They eat up several relevant spaces on the laptop.

Some even run in the background without you lunching them. All you need to do is to uninstall them.

How do you uninstall them?

Go to the start menu and select the Control panel, Please click on uninstall the application, Several applications installed on your laptop will pop up. Select the applications you are not using and uninstall them, Refresh your laptop or restart.

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2. The number of applications that run at the startup should be limited.

When your system boots up, some applications slow down the performance for about a few mins. Some of them need to be removed.

This can be done by following these simple steps;
Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to access Task Manager, A box containing the list of applications will pop up,
It will also show the amount of memory dedicated to each application, All you need to do is to adjust the settings by right-clicking on the application and selecting Not To Run until commanded.

This simple setting can be done in other applications.

System Speed

3. Increase the volume of RAM.

A lot of operating systems require a large amount of RAM to run easily. For example, Windows 10. A lot of users upgrade their laptops from windows 7 and windows 8 without increasing their Ram.

This will cause the system to respond slowly than expected.

To solve this, take your laptop to the nearest engineer to increase the volume of your RAM.

4. Check the web browser.

Web browsers are known to slow down the system speed to a reasonable level. When you try to lunch your browser and discover the system is taking a long while to come up.

This is due to some additional files that are downloaded automatically and stored as cache in the browser’s storage.

How to fix it:

For Chrome browser
Go to Settings and click,
Click on More Tools,
Then click on Clear browsing data.
Also, clear Cache and Cookies.

For Internet Explorer
Goto Internet options
Then click the General tab button,
Search for browsing data and click it,
Please click on the temporary internet files and also the website data,
Then hit the Delete button.

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